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Circle Of Hope


"Transforming Hope Into Wellness"
Houston, Texas
We Believe

We Believe

We believe that all people, young and old, desire to live 

up to their full potential.This, we believe, is a vital transformative concept and forms the basis of our efforts to assist individuals in their effort to find a path that leads from HOPE into WELLNESS. 


Our Circle Of Hope team is comprised of a group of professionals, dedicated to ensuring that client centered, integrated Mental Health Rehabilitative Services are provided for those in need. Our team is equipped with their extensive field experience in mental health, and are equally capable in delivering solution based mental wellness systems and supports. Our team believes that effective services to individuals with behavioral health problems must include a comprehensive array of goal directed trainings, integrated care, wellness, treatment, and support.


We provide an array of Mental Health Rehabilitative Services to individuals with significant mental illness who are in need of client centered, goal-directed, solution based services in their natural environment to permit or enhance functioning in the community. Here are the services we provide:

- Skill Training and Development Service

- Psychosocial Rehabilitative Service

- Medication Training Support Service

- Crisis Intervention Service

- Individual Therapy Service


We recognize that stress, lifestyle, life circumstance, family issues, psychological problems, substance misuse and abuse and diminishing resources affect individuals’ health and well-being. This is why services at Circle Of Hope are recognized as a key option to helping you meet your total mental health needs. Sometimes, in order to improve your mental & physical health, it is important to improve a current life circumstance that is causing you stress. If you are interested in requesting services for yourself or someone in need, please fill out our request for services form by clicking on our link below:

Here are the insurance that we accept:

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