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                        CIRCLE OF HOPE

Our Circle Of Hope team is comprised of a group of professionals, dedicated to ensuring that client centered, integrated Mental Health Rehabilitative Services are provided for those in need. Our team is equipped with their extensive field experience in mental health, and are equally capable in delivering solution based mental wellness systems and supports. Our team believes that effective services to individuals with behavioral health problems must include a comprehensive array of goal directed trainings, integrated care, wellness, treatment, and support.


We believe that clients desire more than maintaining community stabilization; they also want and deserve to live the life they truly desire. Most clients have developed learned helplessness from a perceived absence of control over their lives. Our focus is not only to help individuals become stabilized in the community but to also help them live the highest version of themselves through empowerment and self-actualization. We want individuals to realize their full potential. Our goal is to assist clients in understanding the importance we place on addressing the needs of the individual holistically, through integrated and evidence-based training, and the client-centered holistic approach we use in the provision of services. We believe that we can help clients become a creator as opposed to remaining a victim of their circumstances. We will help clients express their creativity, learn to be powerful, whole, resourceful and the writer of their own story. We are committed to motivating individuals to believe in themselves so that they may achieve the highest version of themselves.Anyone receiving services at Circle Of Hope can expect to be treated in a respectful, caring and compassionate manner by our knowledgeable, dedicated staff.   We provide solution-based, client centered services, which allows the client to have a direct impact in their care plan. When clients receive services from Circle Of Hope, they can expect their client experience to include:


When you receive services from Circle Of Hope, you can expect your client experience to include:


•  A confidential relationship between them and their worker that will focus on to working together to promote client centered- goal directed positive change. 

•  Goal directed trainings to enhance functionality.

• A safe, supportive, non-judgmental experience that will promote the exploration of issues and assist them in learning more about themselves.

•  Exposure to and familiarization with available community resources. 

•   An opportunity to sort out and clarify problems.

•  A health and wellness plan to promote a healthier lifestyle.

•  Assistance with identifying non-helpful patterns in relationships.

•  Assistance with developing coping skills.

•  Assistance with developing and achieving personal goals.


Kept in mind that your worker is not:


•  The assigned worker will not be a companion

•  While workers will be friendly, caring, respectful and dedicated they will not develop friendships with clients

•  Instant solutions to problems


Positive change happens with repetition and follow- through. In order for our services to be effective you need to make a commitment to regular appointments. When starting services, you and your QMHP will work out an appointment schedule and timeline, typically 2 to 4 times a week, but tailored based on need. 

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